Our goal

Here at Restore, our goal isn’t just to help pay off a defaulted account. We want to give you a valuable shopping experience while you shop for the things you need. We know it’s tough to stick to a budget, especially if your income isn’t consistent but if you can apply just a little bit of this advice, you’ll be on the road to success and you definitely won’t come face to face with another charge-off.


STEP 1: Know your expenses + create a budget

We like the 50/20/30 rule,  it helps identify your current spending into three main categories.  Use our guide below to help establish a balanced budget based on needs instead of wants. Once you can establish good habits you’ll feel good about your spending and you’ll become a budgeting pro! You don’t need a high income to follow the 50/20/30 rule; anyone can do it.


Use 50% of your income for household essentials and utilities. This might seem like a high percentage (and, at 50 percent, it is), but once you consider everything that falls into this category it begins to make a bit more sense. To be clear, your essential expenses are those you would almost certainly have to pay, regardless of where you lived, where you worked, or what your future plans happen to include. These are things like housing, food, transportation costs, utility bills and fixed life items like toothpaste, toilet paper, razors and food.

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STEP 2: Enhance your Essentials spending, and earn 50% back, by using Restore™


Now that you have determined how much your spending on personal expenses you can enhance your current spending power by shopping at letsrestore.com where you can purchase everyday essentials from major retailers like Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and Macy’s. We give you 50% back, in non-cash RestoreBucks, which Restore will automatically put towards your eligible [defaulted] account. Spend $100 on toothpaste, razors, deodorant, dish soap, laundry detergent, clothing, etc. and we credit your account with 50 RestoreBucks™.  Although RestoreBucks can’t be redeemed for cash, 1 RestoreBuck will be used to pay off $1 of debt.


Following these simple steps will help you establish a financial plan by setting achievable goals. You’ll have a foundation built for good spending habits and you’ll be able to pay back your eligible account while getting the things you need delivered straight to your door. Let’s be honest, paying off bills feels good, you should be proud.


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