Letter from the Founders:


I’m Amanda, the daughter of one of the largest debt buyers in the country and the founder of Let’s Restore. I got into this business because I learned that many non-paying consumers are primarily single mothers, ill, disabled, in the military or simply working hard to get back on their feet… because life happens.  With my digital marketing background, I came up with a solution that doesn’t involve the user handing over hard-earned cash payments that he/she can’t afford, and my father now has an alternative “collection-method” that is going to help millions of people pay off past-due obligations who might otherwise not be able to.

We created Let’s Restore, the app that allows you to buy the things you need while also paying back a charged off account, without spending an extra dime. With Let’s Restore, your account will be adjusted down every time you make a purchase. No more stressful collection letters and phone calls. Make your online purchases through us from trusted retailers, on your own time and earn 50% back that will PAY OFF your debt account. If you transfer your full spending power over to Let’s Restore, your account will be paid off before you know it. Simple.

In January 2018, we launched our shopping portal for the first eligible group of shoppers. We’ve recently had our first handful of users pay their debts off simply by purchasing online, through our retail affiliate links. They signed up, saw their account in the dashboard, clicked a retailer’s link, made a purchase and saw their balance decrease in 2-3 days. It was easy.

I truly believe that life happens and sometimes you need a helping hand. New technologies hold a brighter future for our country’s debt crisis. Why don’t you give it a try? Check if you have an eligible account. You can sign up to see the amount owed. Stock up on bathroom or pantry needs and say goodbye to the stress of this account.

Thanks for reading.


Amanda Jacobsen & Shae Glenn

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